Darkest hour before the Dawn

Ever had one of those days in work where you can’t do anything right (according to your boss)? Yup? We’ve all had them. The kind of day that makes you want to walk out and never look back. But you can’t because you have responsibilities, mortgages, loans, car costs, countless insurances for the ‘things’ we need in this life to keep us happy.

I came home from this particular day and looked around my apartment. At first I felt that trapped feeling. Is this it? Then it changed to a revelation. Look at all my stuff! I barely look at it or use it. I’m surrounded by things to keep me comfortable in this rat race lifestyle. I started seeing little ‘£’ signs over all these objects, why not sell them all, pay off my debts and just go travel like I’ve always wanted to do?

So when they say ‘the darkest hour comes before the dawn’, this was it for me.

I got my huge map out and up onto the wall, all the travel books I could carry out of the library and started reading all the travel blogs from people who had been and done it no matter their situation. Inspired and passion ignited, I am now on a mission to sell everything I own, get back into the black, and start my new journey.

This is the beginning of that journey.


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