I should probably mention that there are two of us on this journey, Scott is the silent partner at the moment (through force more than choice!) as I’ve taken over the writing of the blog! Scott is my fiancé, he foolishly proposed to me in the Grand Canyon and this is part of the reason this trip came to be. The thought of spending loads of money on one wedding day when we had no money to begin with daunted us. The thought of spending loads of money on a lifetime adventure together when we have no money…that’s very doable.

Already started selling my stuff off. And it feels amazing, on two levels. One, because my apartment is only small and there’s lots of ‘things’ in it. And two, because with every penny I feel closer to my goal. That’s a good feeling.

There’s other financial aspects to think about too, I have a loan and a mortgage. Paying off the loan and saving for traveling for an indefinite amount of time is a huge task. So there’s a lot to think about! Luckily there are also a lot of options available and I’ve given myself plenty of time to assess each one and choose what’s best for the plan.

Christmas is also around the corner, what better time to ask for money or for things I’ll need on my travels! Better get writing to Santa…

Total so far: £50 given to us as an engagement present
£13 for selling some bits
Total £63
(Obviously this doesn’t include my massive debt, just focusing on the positive and the money I make from just selling my belongings)


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