January Blues

Christmas is over and plenty of Christmas money was given, I’d love to say this goes into the travel fund, but when you’re a ‘grown up’ it seems to be used more for actual survival, like paying off bills. Sad, but true. 
This is the ‘boring bit’ to me right now as I’m hunting round for a remortgage. My thinking behind it if I can remortgage to incorporate my loan, it will feel like one less debt to worry about, and I can rent my apartment while I’m gone to create a little extra income. 
Starting walking to work again which gets me fitter and used to walking around with my backpack on again, with the added bonus of saving money as walking is free! (I did slip on ice one day and have a lovely bruised knee to show for it-I may be investing in walking shoes earlier than planned).
I know this is all part of the journey, the preparation, the saving, the planning, its just I’m not the most patient of people and this bit does frustrate me, I want my loan to be gone, my flat remortgaged and rented out so we can be on our way. I am learning to enjoy it, finding new ways of saving money and reading inspirational books like ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed and ‘How not to travel the world’ by Lauren Juliff. It is all coming together, and we have plenty of time. 

Scott doesn’t have to worry about this part as he sold his car to pay off his loan and is debt free! 

I sold some (beloved) DVDs before Christmas for £35 so that’s gone in the travel fund. 

Total travel fund £63+35= £98

Of course I’ll be adding £2 in to round it off!