‘I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake’ Robert Louis Stevenson

 Sold my beautiful Golf, bought a little cheap to run Peugeot. Profit was £175 so that’s going in the travel fund! 
Really watching what I’m spending at the moment, a little bit obsessive but writing everything down, from charity donations, bars of chocolate, (which, I’m ashamed to say is more that it should be) food shopping and petrol. Everything gets written down. And the results are shocking! Even when I think I’m being careful with my money, I’m still spending over the budget I set myself, but it shows me exactly where my money is going and where I can cut back, so yes, the chocolate must go! 
Now, much as I’m saving and planning for world travel, I’m not one who can stay put for very long, and seeing as my friend Alicia is living in London and its Easter weekend, it only seems right to visit her and have a mini break. 
I had almost forgotten how much I love the anticipation of going somewhere, anywhere, with the planning how to get there, what we’re going to do, both of us are being economical with our money and there are plenty of free things to do in London, plus we will be planning part of our trip together! 

We’re thinking of heading out to Bali in December, and as one of our friends is in New Zealand maybe visit them too!   



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