Bank error in your favour! 

So you know in Monopoly you may pick up a ‘chance’ card and it reads ‘bank error in your favour. Collect £20’? Well I came home from London kinda avoiding calculating how much it cost me, I opened my mail and there’s a letter with a cheque attached for over 2k! Now that’s a bank error in my favour! 

Being human I am now torn between doing the main thing I set out to do this year-clear my debt so I can travel, or using the money for some travel before the main event. Even as I write this a little voice inside me is screaming ‘clear your debt!’ ‘You’ll be debt free and all the money you save after that will be for big travel plans!’ And then there’s the other little voice saying ‘hmmmm…with this money I could have a few weekend experiences away’. For example, my mom wants to go to Zante in May, one friend wants to do Polo in London in June, or Germany with a friend in July, Tomatina in August…the list goes on! 
When I went into the bank to cash the cheque in, they have also offered to pay me £4 a month for my loyalty! If that’s not attracting abundance I don’t know what is! They always say the rich get richer-I’m feeling that right now! 


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