It’s booked!! 

Bali and Thailand here we come! 

I literally cannot stop smiling!
I made the executive decision to use what I had saved plus the money given to me by the bank to pay off the loan, so I am almost debt free! 
The Bali/Thailand trip only cost £49 to book so now I have until November to save up the money to pay that off and save spending money.


The return ticket is changeable, so although it’s currently booked in for just a two week trip, I can always change my mind! 
Next thing to sort is my mortgage, as a result of reducing my outgoings by paying off my debts I am now in a better position financially to ask for a remortgage to get the remaining amount paid off so I will own the flat, then it is officially mine to do what I please, like rent it! 
So that’s next month’s task. I love how everything is falling into place! 
To keep me motivated in work I have pulled a load of pictures of Bali and Thailand out of travel books and put them on a board so whenever I don’t feel like eating my celery or forget why I’m doing overtime-there are the images to keep me focused on my goal! 


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