Impromptu Brighton trip

It may now be apparent that the original ‘Welsh Wanderers’ of Scott and Victoria is no more. Now it is just Victoria and whoever else wants to take trips or travel with me.

Alicia is my fellow wanderer on this occasion and suggested a night in Brighton to break up the monotony of working and saving for our big trip at the end of the year. So, on a very tight budget, we are staying in a hostel on a weekend when the Brighton festival happens to be on.

Brighton is one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit but never had a reason! (And I got to fulfil my dream of being a mermaid!)


We are staying in Brighton Youthful Hostel Alicia found through Airbnb. I have read about Airbnb so many times in travel blogs and now am finally a part of it!

I have chosen, once again, to travel by megabus because £22 return to London is a bargain! I can relax for a few hours and read my current book ‘4 hour work week’ by Tim Ferriss. (Which I am enjoying and implementing some of his advice.) On this occasion the driver of the megabus managed to get us to London in a record 3 hours! Then it’s just an hour train down to Brighton.

Brighton youthful hostel is…well, an experience! I’ve stayed in plenty of hostels and never really expect an awful lot from them except a room with a bed. So when we arrived and the beds we were assigned had people already in them, it wasn’t the best start. We got that sorted and after our exploration of Brighton I joked on our return to the hostel about us strolling in in the early hours and finding people in our beds. Well, that happened! Eventually we were given our own private room which was quieter and obviously, more private! Would probably recommend if you were going to stay in this hostel to book a private room from the outset.


As usual Alicia and I drank and ate our way around the city, making sure to visit the pier both in the night to see it all lit up and in the day to lounge in the deck chairs!


We found Kensington Gardens, a little street with boutique type shops, bakeries and cafes and watched some of the street performances for the Fringe Brighton.


Only thing about meeting up with Alicia is we get talking about all the places we want to visit. Being fans of drinking Stout it seems only right that we head to Ireland next to drink our full of Guiness!


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