I know I’ve only just come back from Brighton, but as a present to our mom for Mother’s Day, my brother and I said we’d pay for a spa break. So my fellow Welsh Wanderer for this blog entry is my mom!

After much deliberation I booked St.Brides spa hotel in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire. I chose this particular venue because we’ve been here before and I was blown away at the quality of the whole experience, and also because they offer an oncology spa retreat. So mom has something to look forward to inbetween treatments, and I get to come along to be pampered and write about it!

We went to the spa as soon as we arrived, plonked ourselves down on the loungers in the relaxation room and promptly dozed off in front of this view of Saundersfoot Bay:


Our treatment for the first day is a facial, I had booked us into the double room facing the ocean where we have treatments done simultaneously. We enjoyed chilling out on the heated beds while our therapists prepared everything. Then 50 minutes of bliss while our skin was cleansed and exfoliated and massaged!

Sat in the infinity pool watching the world go by until it was time to be shown to our room.

Sea view room with a little balcony to watch the waves.

After a fine dining experience in the Cliff restaurant and over indulging by having a dessert too we head straight for bed. Yes, we are lightweights, it was only 9pm. Lazing around doing very little is extremely tiring!

Day two starts with a huge breakfast and back in the spa for the morning. Sun is shining today so sitting in the infinity pool was glorious!



Our treatment for today is hydrating body immersion, which consists of being rubbed down with a natural sea sponge, then having beeswax painted all over, wrapped in a linen blanket while enjoying either a foot massage or scalp massage. Amazing!

After a GIANT Caesar salad we lay down on sun loungers on the balcony overlooking the bay. I actually caught the sun! In west wales!


We had a wander around Saundersfoot (only time we left the hotel) before dinner which we weren’t ready for because they really feed you here!

Most importantly, mom enjoyed and is starting to learn to relax (clearly didn’t get my lazy gene from her side!)



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