Yoga Retreat

For Mom’s birthday this year we wanted to take her to Sri Lanka for a yoga retreat as she’s always wanted to go. Obviously Sri Lanka is a bit far while she’s having treatment so, as a compromise we have come to Aruna Yoga Retreat in West Wales.

We are staying for 3 nights, yoga every day and fresh home cooked food (with a super healthy option if you would like to lose weight, like me!) made by Karen the owner and yoga teacher.

Karen came out to greet us when we arrived and welcomed us into her home, as we are the only guests we were allowed a room each which was a bonus!

We were introduced to her two rescue dogs, Teddy and Mouna. Then sat in the garden in the sunshine and discussed the options for our stay, when we wanted to practice yoga, and take part in swimming and walking. Once a plan was put in place mom and I went for a swim. The pool was perfect for the two of us and one depth so mom could practice her hydrotherapy exercises.

Karen made us a delicious dinner of ratatouille, roasted sweet potato and salad. All very healthy and vegan, followed by baked bananas with chocolate. A dessert I will definitely be making for myself in the future!

Once our food had gone down we had our first Viniyoga and relaxation class. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything more than salutation to the sun, Karen explained everything clearly and I was surprised at how much came back to me.

Seeing as mom and I are lightweights, we went to bed straight after the class while we were still in relaxation mode!

Our breakfast was ready for us when we got up the next day, I had opted for a green smoothie which was lovely and filling. We then had free time which we spent enjoying the sunshine and reading books on health and playing with silly putty (it’s therapeutic!).


After lunch Karen took us and the dogs for a walk in Solva, and we sat and had an ice cream overlooking the harbour.

On our return it was time for yoga class with some of Karen’s regular attendees, then a dinner of stir fry which I offered to help make and insisted we have loads of noodles! This was followed by a dessert of fresh strawberries.

We stayed up talking about everything and would fall into bed feeling nourished body and mind as a result of the excellent food and exercise.

Day two started with a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for me, once that had gone down we had our yoga session, followed by a swim before lunch of salad and tabouleh, again vegan and delicious, giving me plenty of ideas for my healthy living plan for my return. (Less than 200 days until Bali/Thailand!)

Karen then took us on a walk to Abermawr with Teddy and Mouna, where we sat and watched the waves. Karen showed us the Quartz in the rocks on the beach then ambled back to the car through the woods.



Dinner was a very healthy curry (wrote down the recipe for that one too!) and delicious homemade berry crumble for dessert.

Mom then had a Reiki session with Karen while I soaked in a lavender bath.

Red smoothies for breakfast on the last morning, followed by a yoga class with some locals who told us about places in the area worth visiting on the drive back.

Lunch of a tasty and filling salad then a walk from Caerfai to St David’s. Amazing views over the bay, dipped a toe in the well of St David which is said to heal the infirm, and lit a prayer candle in St Non’s cathedral which was also home to a nest of house martins!


After our walk we reluctantly packed our bags to leave.

Both my mom and I would recommend a stay here with Karen as we felt so looked after and nothing was too much trouble for Karen. This yoga retreat was definitely more than we expected and it felt more like staying with a friend.


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