Financial assessment

After the spa and yoga retreat maybe I should update with the finances side of things…

I went over all my outgoings and reduced a lot of them, for example, switching energy supplier saved me £6 per month (doesn’t seem like much but it all adds up, plus why would you want to pay someone more for the exact same thing?!)

Changed my contents insurance from a whopping £23 per month to £61 per year with £35 cash back!! That’s a good example of how much it pays to shop around!

I have also paid off my loan by throwing savings at it and my credit cards have also gone, this frees up even more of my income.

So now I am starting from scratch and need to save around £2500 to pay off Bali/Thailand flights and spending money. So this is where the fun begins…

Pic is a little deli in Narberth.

I used Martin Lewis money saving website to research and reduce my bills.


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