Bucket List

Although I set up the Welsh Wanderers with a view to write about how I paid off debt and saved to go traveling worldwide, it’s turned into more of a bucket list adventure (granted we just seem to be touring spas and retreats) but that’s the thing about travel, (cliché coming up) it’s about the journey, not just the destination.

I have reduced my hours in work to allow me to spend more time with mom doing fun stuff, so despite reducing my outgoings, I have now reduced my income so this leaves little to save from my main job. This is where thinking outside the box comes in.

I’ve always used top cash back site to book trips and buy insurance through and it does add up, I’ve been using that money to pay for Amazon orders (I place a lot because I order ingredients to make my own products, this is expensive initially but saves me loads in the long run plus I know exactly what I’m putting on my skin!)

So although this isn’t technically money in the bank (that is an option by the way) it saves money on things I’m buying anyway. So it all adds up and helps!

I also have this app called Bounts, which is perfect for motivating me to exercise as it pays me to do so! So not only am I achieving weight loss and fitness goals, I get some extra credit along the way!

I’m still yet to list my stuff on eBay or shpock to raise more cash, so that will boost my travel fund when I finally get to it!