Whoa! We’re going to Ibiza!

I always find it both sad and exciting packing my bag knowing I’m going onto a new destination.
I had a long wait until my flight and one by one the people I had shared the Valencia /Tomatina experience with were slowly disappearing onto their next adventure.

After packing I joined one of the girls in getting a smoothie on the way to her catching her train. I’m not a huge smoothie fan but this was more like a dessert, which I am a fan of! Puréed Açai topped with (my choice) banana, peanuts and chocolate. As she made her way to her connection, I ambled back to the hostel in the hope of catching the walking tour.
I got lost.
Not scary lost, just annoying that I missed the walk lost! Obviously I found my way back eventually and as I’d missed the walk went to a cafe to kill time.

I then ended up going to a park to sit in the shade to read with one of the girls, no reading was done at all! We sat there talking the whole time until it was time to catch my metro to the airport.

When flying from Cardiff to Ibiza the airport is full of people dressed in neon, or matching hen/stag t-shirts. Valencia is different. No neon to be seen, instead they seem a bit like me, moving on from one destination to the next. (Speaking for myself) looking a bit exhausted and bedraggled.

This isn’t my first time in Ibiza, so I do know what to expect. It is the first time staying in Ibiza Town, the ‘quiet’ side of the island.

No matter when I seem to book a flight to Ibiza, it seems to land in the night, we get showered and dressed and head straight out.
This will be no exception.

I will arrive at 2140 and intend to head straight to Pacha to see David Guetta once I’ve freshened up!


Walked in to the sounds of Robin Schulz, reminded me of why I love coming here for the music!




Awesome night, had been awake for nearly 24 hours and was more than ready to flop into my bed. So glad I have a room to myself!


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