Ibiza Town

When visiting Ibiza I have usually opted for staying in San Antonio which is where all the carnage happens. I’m not here for drunken tomfoolery on this occasion!

After getting in at 5am from Pacha I was looking forward to a lay in in my private room.

First time I’ve woken up this trip and not really had a plan with what to do with my day.

Beach was definitely on the cards, and also breakfast seeing as I didn’t have white bread and jam to look forward to this morning!

Set off for the beach with a view to also finding the DC-10 merchandise shop as I know there isn’t one in San Antonio and it’s my favourite club.

It took me a forty minute walk to find the shop. (I made a note of the fact that it is next door to a burrito restaurant where I will be stuffing my face later.) The shop, unlike the club is disappointing, and everything is made for very small sized persons, which is a shame.

Playa d’en Bossa is one of my favourite beaches, not for beauty or cleanliness, but for its character and diversity. People from all over the world are here, chilling, drinking, enjoying, partying. It has a good vibe. And I like it.


When the evenings draw in, the planes start coming in low over the beach and sends everyone into a frenzy of more celebration!

Gone are the days where I can sit exposed to the sun all day so I did fork out for a lounger and parasol. So worth it, I finished reading one book that I brought with me and now started reading Stephen King’s ‘Cujo’. Although I’m sure everyone is familiar with King’s work, I’m not a huge fan of scary things because my imagination takes everything to the max, so I’ve never had the guts to read his work as yet. I cannot put this book down (I did long enough to write this obviously).

Eventually had to tear myself away from the beach as the sun started to cool, and my belly started to rumble.

By this time I couldn’t face hot food so opted for a salad and as this is the last day before my healthy regime, treated myself to a gelato!


Last night in Ibiza town before heading off to…fat camp!


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