Fat camp

I should really say Fit Camp. Since Mom was diagnosed I have turned to food for comfort, not an excuse, a reason to why I am now nearly 3 sizes bigger in 18 months.

Obviously I recognise I need to do something about my weight before it becomes a health issue not just a ‘Nothing fits me’ issue.

At home I can’t seem to get myself motivated, I know exactly what I need to do as I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again. It’s just that initial kick start.

So, my thinking was to remove myself completely from my rut, shift some weight which would then give me the motivation to keep going.

So today I am leaving Ibiza town where all the drinking and partying takes place, to go to a villa and exercise and detox!

Who would have thought you could detox in Ibiza!

I have a few hours to go so I am soaking up some more rays of sun while reading on the terrace of the hostel.

At this point I have mixed feelings, as I have now been away for nearly a week, have eaten fairly healthily with smaller portions and walked about 20,000 steps a day with a backpack on, but I don’t see or feel any changes. So I am feeling doubtful that a week in fit camp is going to do much.
On the other hand, this camp and its personal trainers are there to push me and feed me the right things and it’s their job to get results, so they must be able to help me!

First to arrive at boot camp. The villa is stunning!!


Once everyone arrives, we have a welcome talk and measurements are taken. If the scales are to be believed, it turns out I have lost 2lb in the last two weeks! So that’s encouraging! Wes the trainer has set me the goal of losing between 7-10lbs. That would be an amazing kick start for me and I’m already feeling more positive about putting actions into place when I go home.

Everyone just chilled and got to know one another, jumped in the pool before a dinner of butternut squash curry was served.
Early night ready for the early morning workout before breakfast.



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