Day 1 Fit Camp

Today is an introduction to the exercises and format of the days so we know what to expect.

Seven o’ clock start ready to meet for our first session which consisted of an introduction to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

A Breakfast of scrambled egg, tomato and spinach, little rest to let that go down and then the Fit test.


We’ll be doing another fit test on the last day to see how we have improved, right now I’m giving it everything!

Rest time and a Snack, then onto Introduction to Weights.

Lunchtime and a longer rest giving us time to chill by the Pool.


After resting and sunning it up we get ready for a mini Hike. I thought I would find this easy, it’s just walking! Walking in the heat of the Ibizan sun on very few calories!
I struggled!

On our return we had another Snack, this was followed by boxing. Although it’s hard, I do find this fun as you can really get some energy out! Even Wes the trainer would say to visualise your old self and punch hell out of them!

Dinnertime and that’s it for the exercise for the day!

Just being here, knowing I’m surrounded by like-minded people and I’m doing something positive about my health, has boosted my confidence already.

Relaxed on the roof terrace watching the sun go down over Jesús.



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