Day 2 & 3

Getting out of bed with that ‘my body aches in a good way because I’ve worked out’ feeling!

First workout is uphill running. Not going to lie, I found this really hard, to the point where it was a major turning point for me, because I found this so challenging I thought to myself ‘if this is what it takes to burn off a slice of pizza, you can keep the pizza!’

Chia seed pudding for breakfast which made my day!
Second round, boxing! It was hard but good, we’re all motivating each other and pushing ourselves! Feels good.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

HIIT training before breakfast.
Overnight oats and banana for breakfast.
Hike after breakfast, don’t know why but I’m apprehensive about the hike.
Drive to our drop off point and start walking around the coast, the views are incredible and there is a forgiving breeze.


We walked over 6 miles! In the sun. Little break on a little beach before we head back home.

br />

Salad for lunch which was so welcomely recieved after the hike!

An hour or so to chill out, then half an hour of boxing training, snack time, an amazing ball off goodness all wrapped in chocolate!

Yoga, which was lush, stretched out all the aching muscles and Kate, the yoga instructor gave us all a mini massage on the shoulders which was where I needed it most!
Pool time now to further relive the muscles.
I am walking funny, but as Wez the trainer said ‘squat until you walk funny’. Mission accomplished Wez!


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