Day 4

Start with HIIT workout this morning, weighted this time, my mind was up for it, my body wasn’t aching, it just seemed like my body wasn’t listening to the commands of my mind! I don’t think I was the only one feeling like this, and we had been warned that Wednesday can be a hard day.

We all pushed ourselves hard and thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast of smoked salmon, scrambled egg and spinach!

Smoothie as a snack, little bit of rest then a boxing circuit.

I’m pushing myself as hard as humanly possible, but couldn’t help feeling a bit deflated when catching my reflection in the mirror as I was changing. I know it’s only been a few days, but all this work, you kinda expect to see results quicker for some reason. Makes you realise that just walking the dog for exercise is never going to cut it!

The boxing was gruelling, especially in the heat, but we all kept our spirits up and encouraged each other and pushed each other.

We were rewarded with a mozzarella salad and an afternoon off.

Weird how without the classes there is not much to do, sure we can lay by the pool but I’d prefer not to anymore.

Wez did give us a nutrition brief which was interesting and informative as I know I won’t reach my goal in this week alone but it will definitely give me the tools to keep moving forward and achieve it.



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