Day 5

Today we were treated to a morning of burpees and squats! Our butts are going to look incredible!

This was followed by a hike around a beautiful little beach. Wasn’t so anxious this time, when really I should have been! We walked up a huge hill to get back!




We were given the afternoon off as the hike took longer than expected and we all worked hard.

Can’t argue with that!


Day 6

Last day of exercise, I have my weigh in this morning as I am leaving early tomorrow morning.

I couldn’t sleep in the night as my mind was racing thinking about whether I would have lost any weight and what to do if I haven’t.

The goal Wez set me at the beginning of the week was to lose 7-10lbs.

I lost 14.6lbs!!!

A whole stone, gone!!

I could not believe it.

Went to join everyone for the first class of the morning and shared my news, everyone cheered and gave me high fives. One of the things I have loved about this boot camp is how everyone shares their victories, whether it’s completing an exercise or losing inches or weight, we’re all cheering one another on.

We are rewarded with a night out to celebrate our week of hard work together. We had chosen the Jockey club which was a restaurant situated on a beach, so as soon as our morning of workouts was over, we made for the beach!


After all that hard work and great results I did treat myself to one beer!


This concluded my week at ‘fat camp’ I achieved an awful lot in a short space of time and learnt so much. All I have to do now is stick to it…and so onto the next challenge!


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