Back to ‘reality’

Now it is time to leave Spain, I’ve been to Ibiza so many times, I wonder if this time will be the last?

Luckily on this occasion, instead of departing the country sleep-deprived and dehydrated from too much partying, I’m leaving on a natural high and feeling lighter and healthier.

I would definitely recommend the boot camp with Wez, obviously, like anything you get out what you put in.

Staying in a villa where your calorie-controlled meals are done for you and having a personal trainer keeping you motivated is one thing.

Bringing everything I’ve learnt this week back into the real world…different story.

I am looking forward to keeping up a healthy lifestyle and utilise everything I’ve learned this past week into my life back home and to continue to watch as my body decreases back to its healthy state.


I have to say, I did leave feeling proud of myself, if someone had suggested to me to go and live off 1000 calories a day while carrying out 5 hours of intense exercise in the Ibizan sun, I would have said it wasn’t possible. Now I can see what I am capable of and how far I can push myself and that’s an amazing feeling!

First things first when I got into London, meet Alicia for breakfast…I ordered a child’s portion. So, already an upside to eating less, spending less on food so more savings for our next adventure!

We have Bali and Thailand booked so need to get even slimmer and save the money to pay it off!

First though, I have a christening to attend in Tewkesbury so my travels haven’t quiet yet


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