Everybody is Kung fu fighting…

Well, not fighting, but training in Kung fu. (I know this is a bit off topic for a travel/saving for travel blog but it’s leading somewhere I promise!)

One of my close friends has been going to Kung fu for a few years and has, on more than one occasion, recommended I try it.

I finally took his advice and joined him for a class one morning.

I loved it!

So, looks like I found my exercise that’s not the gym to help me maintain my fitness and lose a bit more weight.

Obviously this doesn’t help towards saving for anything, but I wanna look good while I’m away, and now have the added bonus of being able to kick ass.


So, leading back to the travel theme, a while back, in my frustration of feeling trapped here I sent out CVs to pretty much everywhere.
With everything that was going on, I forgot all about it.

Then a month or so later I get an email from a company called China Plus asking if I was interested in teaching English abroad.

Getting paid to be in another country? I think I can do that!

To be continued…

Shifu Waters & Wú Yǐng Quán


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