Slow boat to…

So continuing on from my last post, I succeeded in passing the initial interview for a job in China teaching English.


So, lots to do to prepare for this, pretty much all the stuff from before (renting flat, selling my belongings etc) with the added bonus of completing the TEFL course online, learning Mandarin and wanting to learn as much Kung fu as my brain and body can take before I get out there!


I also had to pass two more interviews, Chinese time, which was interesting. (I learnt waking up at 2am to be interviewed at 9am China time wasn’t the best idea).
After the first interview with HR in China I was pretty shaken up as I didn’t feel I interviewed as well as I could have.
I attempted to get back to sleep, this was the first time that the thought that I might not actually get the job even popped into my head. (I’m not really arrogant, I just thought the initial interview was so successful I would breeze the others too!).
I eventually managed to calm myself down with the reassuring thought that regardless of the outcome of this interview I would still pack up and head to China anyway.

The second interview was with the head of the school, it wasn’t an interview at all, it was a chat at 2am!
I had prepared for this one after my shocking performance previously!

I must have done ok, because they have offered me the job!

It’s coming together…slowly!


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