Free spa day!

Yup, having an American Express card paid off!

I spent so much on it I accumulated enough points for my friend and I to come to the Vale Resort for a ‘Chill and Chocolate’ spa day.

So my fellow spa attendee on this occasion is Viktorija!


Vik has never been to a spa before so this is a completely new experience for her, so hopefully she’ll enjoy!

The ‘spa day’ starts at 1230 with a healthy lunch (it may have been healthy but it was a buffet so you can fill up!)

Once we were in our fluffy dressing gowns and slippers we were ready to be shown around.


This place is huge. It’s definitely the biggest spa I’ve ever been to. It has a cwtch, a relaxation area, a chill out area, a floatation area and a slumber area, then all the usual facilities: sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and swimming pool.


We had our afternoon tea and chocolate in the cwtch. A bowl of chocolate truffles with our choice of hot drink.


Then it was time for our treatment, I had a full body massage and Vik had a facial.

We then passed out on the heated water beds to the sound of a water fountain.


I have to say, this is definitely one of the best value spa days I’ve experienced.
The treatment alone is £58, and for £59 you get lunch, chocolates, full use of the spa and the treatment. (Obviously I didn’t pay that as I had my Amex points, but if I had paid, its an incredible deal!)
The location isn’t bad either, with the windows looking over the golf course.

We are well rested and would both recommend the Vale for a pampering!


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