Birthday Party!

Well this time last year I was in Vegas getting proposed to, this birthday I am in Swansea, and it’s not just my birthday.

So, after much deliberation, we are going trampolining in Limitless one evening, and playing Breakout Live another evening.

I was a bit nervous about the trampolining, it’s been a while since I bounced around like a fool, turns out, it comes quite naturally! And the bonus was, I didn’t injure myself!

It’s not just trampolines, there’s beams and rings over foam pits to cross over, and even a beam where you can knock an opponent into the foam with a giant foam bar!
There’s basketball hoops over trampolines to dunk into, dodgeball and some other games, plus we went on a Friday night where they turn the lights down, get some disco lights on and have a live DJ!

So our group of mainly thirty-somethings had a blast acting like kids in a playground for an hour!

The next event was my choice, Breakout Live Swansea, where we get locked in a room and have to find clues to solve puzzles to get back out again. In an hour.

I can’t give too much away cuz it would spoil it for everyone else, but it’s well worth a visit!

We escaped with 10 minutes left on the clock, which was good going!


All this thinking works up an appetite and we concluded our birthday celebrations with a Vietnamese meal.



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