Wheels in motion

What a week! Put my apartment on the market and it was rented out within 24 hours!

A big thank you to mypad lettings who guided me through the process.

I’ve been hard at work completing my TEFL course online, and have finished, so now just have to wait to see if I pass.

With those big things happening, I’ve also had to sift my way through admin stuff for my preparation for China, form filling for the visa to make sure I can actually go, practicing my mandarin, attempting to open a bank account I can actually use abroad, having a medical for China (they now know more about me than I ever did!) and all sorts of other bitty things to make sure my transition to the Orient goes smoothly.

After all the hard work this week, thankfully, I have another spa day booked in (work hard, play hard, right?) this time I am going with my family. My aunt carried out a whole load of admin work for my brother and I, which I would probably still be trying to understand had it been left to me, so as a thank you, a spa day in Cotswold Water Park Four Pillars Hotel has been booked.

We had chosen the Tempting Treat and Treatment day which included a 30 minute treatment and afternoon tea.

As it was a Saturday the spa area got very crowded very quickly, which isn’t the best atmosphere for relaxing in. The treatments were lovely and afternoon tea was generous.


As a treat my friend who runs a super car rental business offered to drive me to the Cotswolds in an Audi R8. (Who’s going to say no to that?) And I also had a go driving it!


Ended up heading to Liverpool for a friend of a friend’s sister’s son’s 1st birthday party.

I have never been to a children’s party quite like this! There was a marquee in the garden, with a dance floor and a DJ, Brazilian dancers, Michelin star chefs creating food masterpieces and a champagne bar.

We had been booked into the Titanic hotel which was incredible, the bathroom alone was big enough for a bed!


So, an eventful weekend to say the least!

Back to visa applications and packing up my flat Monday!




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