Bucket list Blackpool

In the mêlée of clearing out the flat, organising the million forms and photos for my visa, and actually packing for China, I still want to cram in as much of my British Bucket List as possible, and have ended up in Blackpool.

I have absolutely no idea why it’s on my bucket list but something tells me I need to experience it.

With it being a good few hours drive I planned a detour to Aberaeron for some honey ice cream. So worth it.


Onwards to Blackpool, by the time I arrived it was getting dark so I was looking forward to seeing all the lights.
The Christmas lights were up, but not on. What’s up with that Blackpool?

Stayed in a plush little hotel called Number One South Beach, was upgraded to a double room with a jacuzzi bath and balcony, not too shabby at all.


Ventured up towards the action Blackpool had to offer, seeing as it’s the end of November I wasn’t expecting too much, but I wasn’t disappointed.

A shop selling Blackpool rock caught my eye, it would have been wrong not to get some!
Turns out this little souvenir shop was also an Aladdin’s cave of old arcade games, geek memorabilia, and an old toy museum alongside the bucket & spades and fudge!


Stopped for some food and drink in Coral Island which to me was like UK trying to be Vegas, lots of flashing lights and the sound of coins dropping, only difference was kids running around the place! You don’t get that in Vegas!

Started bar hopping and went from the amusement arcade to a bar on the pier where a cabaret singer was belting out some oldies, followed by a very classy bar on the sea front where I could admire the famous Blackpool Tower.


A sobering walk back down the promenade in the cold over a huge area of ‘comedy carpet’.


Eventually made it back to the hotel after reading all the jokes the north had to offer and passed out in the most comfortable bed I’ve slept it for a long time…



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