China here I come!

All the form filling, medical, visa appointments and TEFL have all been leading to this moment.

And it still feels so surreal.

I’m actually sitting on the plane right now and it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m on my way to China!


Last part of the process involved me heading to London early on the day of my flight to collect my final documents from the Chinese Embassy. Talk about cutting it fine!

Whenever I used to travel anywhere, even if it was just to west Wales for the day for an ice cream, I would always be messaging my mom. I’d be sending her photos of my day and keeping her entertained with my stories when I returned. That’s the hardest thing about this trip right now. Not being able to share my experience with the person who encouraged my travel bug from birth.
Mom is the reason I am doing this. I want to make her proud, and know that she is with me when I visit all the places on her bucket list for her.


One of the things we shared was no matter where we were in the world we would be sharing the same moon. We would text each other the poem ‘I see the moon and the moon sees me, god bless the moon and god bless me.’ It was our way of saying I’m safe and happy and thinking about you.

This entire flight to china has been the clearest I’ve ever witnessed and the whole time the full moon has been there.



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