Moving day

Moving into my new apartment today, which will be my home for the next year. Am now looking forward to actually getting some stuff to make it homely.

Although they took up room in my luggage, I’m glad I brought my own bed sheets. It’s good to have something familiar around you in a new place!

And I did insist on bringing my hammock with me which was the most awkward thing I had to pack and carry, but it will be worth it.

Jet lag allowed me no sleep at all last night so I was up making lists of everything I’m going to need to buy for the flat.

Once my belly started rumbling about 730 in the morning I ambled downstairs and attempted to order myself breakfast. Google translate was not my friend this morning, but with my limited Chinese that I had learned, I ordered beef noodles and lemon tea!


Once I had refuelled I started taking my bags up to the apartment one by one.

Gaby came to meet me and we set up a Chinese bank account and went for more food!

I then took on the task of shopping for stuff for my apartment. The supermarket is huge so I had hoped it would have everything, but simple things I use everyday in the UK like bicarbonate of soda was nowhere to be seen! But I did find a giant plush cow.


Think I must have spent about two hours in there wandering around. I came away with most of the stuff I needed that I was able to carry, as my apartment is within walking distance.

Settled in for the evening, have the medical tomorrow morning first thing and I’m not allowed to eat or drink, I don’t think China is ready for Hangry me!


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