Day off

Today is the first day since arriving in china where I don’t have to do anything, so naturally, I’m going shopping!

There is a new mall, recently opened that Gaby told me about. It was a 30min walk or 10min taxi, I chose to walk because then I could see a little more of the area, (plus I need to start working off all the noodles!) and it was definitely worth it. Walking down a non-commercialised street shows the real side of a country.


When I arrived at the mall it didn’t seem that big. Then I went inside.


Oh my days it was like a whole world in one area! Six separate buildings all with ground level stores, first level floors, lower ground level floors, then below that, an ice rink! Crazy huge!








This is definitely not what I expected from a little island of China!

After another sushi lunch I reluctantly made my way back to the real world. I had some final house things to buy.


Now it’s time to prepare for my first day of school! Gaby sent me my timetable for the week and looks like I’m working evenings during the week and full days on the weekend. (Except Sunday, that’s Christmas Day, even though the Chinese don’t fully celebrate it, we get a day off.)

Only trouble is, no matter how hard I try, I wake up at 7ish and want to go back to sleep at 7 in the evening! Which is no good when I’m expected to work until 9! Hopefully actually having the job will help sort the last dregs of jet lag out!


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