First day of school

My first day starts at 1300 so plenty of time to get organised, or, in my case, spill water twice all over everything in the flat.

I met Gaby outside the school and she quickly introduced me to some of the people I would be working alongside. I then had an online training session, which takes place every month. Good idea to keep on the ball with different ideas for teaching methods and techniques, and for swapping ideas with other teachers.

Once this training was complete I was introduced to the other English teachers, both Russians, and a welcome party had been organised for me.


Gaby had asked me to think of a game or ice breaker we could play to get to know one another. I had previously told her about ‘I have never’. A good game for getting to know people, a dangerous game if you already know the people you are playing with! Instead of alcohol, Gaby had made a lemonade for us to drink, which was actually quite nice!


We then had Christmas cake and then the principal wanted to play another round, I suggested we play the coloured sweet game, so we were all able to learn a little more about each other.


I then had a chance to familiarise myself with the textbooks and educational materials I would be using.

The school day finishes at 9. One of the other teachers, Sana, (the one I will be replacing) lives in my building so we went for dinner in a restaurant where you get a giant bowl and select your own ingredients from a fridge full. They then cook it all up into a soup and spice it up!

Sana is from Russia and has been teaching for quite a while, so it will be good to work with her to learn what I can before she leaves in January.


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