Observation Time

Starting work at 1500 today, meeting Sana and walking over. The founder of I2 had come in from Chengdu to meet the English teachers, so we had a meeting with him and found out a little more about the company. (One thing being that he’s planning on opening a school in Japan, which would work nicely with my plans of teaching in Japan after my time in China, he’s got a year to sort it!)

I then had the opportunity to sit in and observe Sana’s classes and meet the kids I would be teaching. The first class was 3 boys, aged about 5. The class lasted 40mins and I was ready for a lay down after it!
The next class was a 9 year old boy whose English is already quite established.

Went for a wander about the city after dark. It’s seems this is when china comes alive!


Naturally, all this wondering around in the night leads to hunger, we stopped off in a street which was lined with different styles of food. We opted for pancakes in Miss Bing.



And followed this with a good old bubble tea! First time I had bubble tea was in Perth in Australia and I wasn’t too taken by it, but they do chocolate bubble tea here so I’m sold!


Collapsed into my bed, Chinese Christmas party tomorrow…


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