Christmas Day-Chinese Style

Sana and I head to the beach for Christmas Day. This was after I opened my presents everyone had given to bring out with me, and a traditional breakfast of chocolates! 
We took the train to Boao which is east of the island, and a little bit hotter. 

The views from the train were of farm lands and rice fields, more of the China I was expecting to see.

We took a gamble and booked a hotel when we arrived, we walked all up the coast to find a way in as the grounds of the hotel were so huge. 

We were offered complimentary afternoon tea on arrival. 

The tea was lovely, with camomile flowers, goji berries and Chinese dates, served with a selection of cakes.

It worked out about £20 each for a twin queen room overlooking the sea for two nights! 

Fluffy dressing gowns, slippers, giant, soft queen sized beds, rocking patio chairs on the oversized balcony and the obligatory sofa that no one will on. 

Once we had freshened up and watched the sun go down, we took a Chinese version of a rickshaw into the main part of Boao for some street food (finally!) 

So my Christmas dinner consisted of street barbecued corn on the cob, chicken, mushrooms, aubergine and potatoes. All washed down with fresh coconut water. 

This day alone has felt more like ‘real China’ to me.


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