Full on Friday 

Had to wake up early for my Chinese medical. Firstly, at least the Chinese have everything in one place, unlike the U.K. where I had to run around all the different health centres, the doctor, the hospital, back to the doctor, back to the hospital, attempting to find out my blood type by trying to give blood! It took about 3 weeks to get it all done. Chinese medical-done in the hour, results back in 3 days even over New Year! 
Although I was not best impressed with not being allowed to eat or drink and have to give blood samples and nearly passed out, then another doctor shoved a swab down my throat when I least expected it! 
A lovely experience of a Friday morning! So to make up for it I went shopping! 
Work this afternoon, Sana is showing me how to do my lesson plans, I was asked to do my first demonstration lesson for a boy who will hopefully be my first student! 


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