New Years Eve

Activities this morning in the school, I’m helping make dumplings with the kids. Having never made dumplings before myself this was all new to me and my dumplings looked less than appetizing! The kids loved it and learnt a few random English words.

On our break Sana and I needed to go to the train station to get our tickets for our new year holiday. Sana had planned for us to go on the back of a scooter each.

 This was a great idea and an experience, except my guy must not have understood the destination and took me somewhere random, luckily google translate to the rescue and I did meet with Sana successfully! 
On our return to the school we found the Chinese staff practicing a dance in the waiting area. As you do.

After school we had Chinese art class, I’ve only ever attempted Japanese manga before now, but am more than open to trying new styles. 

Straight from art class we had a table booked at a hot pot restaurant where we celebrated the new year with boiling various foodstuffs in a pan on the table. 

A warm and spicy welcome to 2017! 


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