Houhai people

So far I’ve only experienced the polite people of Haikou and Baoa, where staff of any establishment are more than happy to help you.
Houhai is not like that. It feels like we are an inconvenience to their lives by just being here. 
I know of the Chinese proverb: Man who cannot smile should not open shop. 
They clearly aren’t aware of this in Houhai! 
This doesn’t stop us heading out to get breakfast from the street vendors, who seem happier to see us. They even helped me learn a little Chinese. (I liked his food and needed him to teach me the name so I can order it again!) 

We walked off our breakfast along Houhai Bay where there are two ships have run aground and we thought had been abandoned. Once we walked around them we could see they were being dismantled. 

Had a rather unfortunate experience when we went to sit on the public balcony of our hotel, a beggar man came in and would not leave me be, to the point where he was grabbing my legs. The woman who runs the hotel just stood watching until Sana shouted to her to do something! Got a bit scary. 
We had lunch in another less than friendly hotel. Mind, we only went there to use the hammocks and felt obliged to pay for something. 

They only offered ‘western’ food here so I did have pizza. Actually made a nice change not to use chopsticks for a meal! 

Another wander down the opposite side of the beach to work off lunch, then head into the food street for more munchies.

We overdid the coconut! 
Next door to where we ate was a place that made ice cream. 


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