Food Fails

One of the perks (in my opinion) of travel is the cuisine of whatever country I’m in.
Not being able to read the language and having no translator with me 24/7 I have made a few questionable but highly entertaining choices in my meals! 
From snacking on raw chicken to biting into dumplings when I have no idea what they may contain, it’s all a learning experience! 

Coconut rice was a pleasant eating experience, apparently they cut a hole in the top, pour some uncooked rice in and cook it until the rice has swollen, then the whole coconut is chopped into segments and served. 

There is no decent chocolate in China. This will probably end up being a good thing, but right now is awful! And when you think you’ve found some delicious looking chocolate biscuits with a hazelnut centre (as shown on the packet) you open them to discover it’s just plain crackers with some grey paste holding them together! 

Chicken feet are a popular thing in the shops here, although I’ve never actually seen anyone eat them…

One of the tastiest things I’ve tried was a bread, kinda like a naan bread, off a street vendor. I was informed the meat inside was lamb…it could have been anything! 

Then of course there is the street food…my firm favourite, pick all the pieces of meat and veg you like and they barbecue it to perfection. 

Always served with a fresh coconut! 
But sometimes all you want is something familiar, something that reminds you of home…Indian! 

So there we are, in China, eating an Indian meal, which we later discovered was cooked by a Nepalese! Love it! 


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