First week of teaching

Taking over Sana’s students was made a whole lot easier that I was introduced to them as helping Sana initially. I was able to see what worked with each student, and try to tailor my lesson plans towards that.

When it came to writing the lesson plans, however, this was a whole new territory. What takes 40mins to write does not take 40mins to execute! 

Towards the end of the week I was getting the hang of it and it basically boils down to which games are best for which student. 

First time I’ve felt homesick since I’ve been here, it didn’t help that my Nan sent me a picture of my dog, Teddie! 

Once the weekend came I went to the cinema with Tina, who is also new to Haikou, luckily she has the advantage of speaking Chinese! 

So Star Wars with Chinese subtitles here we come! 

The mall looked so pretty at night, despite all the rain!


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