Chinese New Year 

I was informed that Chinese New Year isn’t a huge deal on Hainan as everyone tends to leave the island to go visit their families on the mainland.
So, seeing as we have this time off work, and never one to miss an opportunity to try somewhere new, I’ve booked to go to Taiwan. 

Taiwan, although not a part of China, still celebrates Spring Festival and speak Chinese. I’ve also been told the food is more diverse! 
On arriving in Taiwan, my first thought was ‘This is what I thought China was going to look like.’ A mixture of built up areas, followed by lush green fields, and further into rainforest landscapes.

So today was a lovely 5am start to go to Taroko. 

The scenery was immense. So relaxing being in this kind of environment. The sounds of the water over the rocks and just all the greenery.

These cliffs look incredibly like the ones I was learning to paint too.

After Taroko and some lunch in a 5 star hotel, we did the obligatory stop at some tourist shop with pushy sales people. In this instance, a place that specializes in marble sculptures and jade jewelry.

I did play with this Lion’s ball. I was told it was lucky. When I asked the guide she said it represents the male balls. I was not impressed. And stopped touching lion’s balls. 

Found a lucky Buddha to rub instead! 
Followed by a random trip to a beach where we were told not to touch the water! It was really clear blue, but maybe now is not the time for a swim. 


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