Taiwan Tour Two

A more reasonable start to the day being picked up at 8am.
Today’s tour takes me first to Puli, where we seem to be doing the touristy sales pitch first, stopping in a brewery. A brewery that makes wine. Yeh.

I’m not a fan of wine anyway, but if it was served to me in a big brown urn I would think twice about drinking it.

Found some amusing takes on drunkenness

Clearly the Taiwanese have a methodical view on drinking.

Lunch in a place near the ‘brewery’. I ordered vegetable rice. Apparently ham is a vegetable. Served with a questionable looking mushroom.

Onwards to sun moon lake and Wenwu temple. 

The amount of work that has gone into all these stone carvings is incredible. 

None of these picture do it justice, plus with the scent of incense in the air just adds dimensions to this whole experience.

A wishing well. Of course I made a wish. It was tough though. Everything is good right now. 

We then visited an aboriginal settlement, which isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

Not exactly a slum but a bit strange. 

Onto the Yuchi township next to see a bit of bone of XuanZang, a Buddhist. 

Felt so peaceful in here.

Last stop on this day of the tour was the Ci’en Pagoda. 
255 steps to get to it. 

No idea how many steps to get to the top of it.

And a giant Buddhist bell that you can ring and chant for peacefulness. I couldn’t reach it. No peace for me! 

We then arrived at our hotel for the night and I took a stroll around the sun moon lake before the sun went down. 

Was lush just sitting there listening to the water. 

Then took a walk into town where there are night markers for food. Taiwan is expensive compared to China, and the U.K. for that matter. The street vendors tend to make prices up as they go along and I wasn’t in the mood for spending a tenner for a corn on the cob. 

I found a little cafe overlooking the lake, where I paid a tenner for a glass of coke and two waffles instead. 


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