Taiwan Tour Two day Two

What a view to wake up to!
First stop Luka. Long Shan temple.

A Buddhist temple made mainly from wood over 200 years old. No nails holding it together, just wood.

Granite from China shipped over to build this temple. It’s situated on the West side of the island so doesn’t suffer from any earthquake damage that the temples on the East are potentially subjected to.

Loving the design of these temples, they are all so peaceful. 

Chilled out with some turtles which represent a long life.

Next we moved down the road towards Xinzu Temple, walking through an old part of the town.

We were fed plum tea and blossom tea and some dried plums by a street vendor. All said to be good for digestion. 

My pictures can’t do it justice, but the detail on the ceramic animals decorating the temples is exquisite.

The dragons on this temple even have whiskers.

The queen in heaven. Tien Hou Temple.

I think this was a good time to come to Taiwan, the weather is warm, there’s hardly any other tourists so you get the attractions to yourself (which makes for good pictures with no one photo bombing!) and all the Chinese New Years decorations makes it feel special. 

We had lunch in a little restaurant next to the temple (the cheapest meal I’ve had since being in Taiwan!) it seemed to specialize in seafood, which I do not. So I ordered the only thing that wasn’t sea based on the menu, Pork. It came with fish! 


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