Holiday Reading

I am currently working my way through a 100 book reading list I found online. War and Peace being the book I’m currently a fraction of the way through. This being quite heavy reading I tend to take breaks from it and read other things. 
I’ve just now finished Sophie’s Choice, again, not light reading, but an interesting one, and a book that is referenced in many films and TV shows. 
I’m still not in the mood to move back to Tolstoy just yet so am going to give Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children a go. Seeing as Sana left me the paperback, I need to read it before the mold gets it! 

Best place for reading is down the beach. Tina and I caught a bus that cost the equivalent of 10 pence to the beach on Haidian, which is the island off the island. 

The Chinese don’t really like the sun, so they all cover up and have umbrellas to shield themselves. Not me, sun dress on and burnt shoulders by the end of the trip. 


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