Hot springs

Woke up to a message off Marian, an American girl I met, saying it’s beach weather and we should go to the hot springs. Not arguing with that! 
First time I took the bus was yesterday with Tina, today I was going alone. The bus was already full when I got on, but the driver just kept stopping and picking more and more people up! It was like a real life game of sardines! 
Trusty maps on my phone at the ready to make sure I was actually on the right bus and heading to the correct place. I made it! 

After lounging around in the spa for a few hours we finally left to go to a cafe. 
We walked through an old part of town that had been restored.

The A-Z cafe, although only a cafe, has a certain amount of exclusivity, meaning we had to ‘book’ a table. 
While we were waiting Marian took me through a village known as Righteous Dragon. As there is a temple at the centre. Having only seen the temples in Taiwan to compare, this was far more shabby and being used by the locals to play Mahjong! 

Marian did ask the locals for any history of the temple, and we asked about the carvings on the doors. We were told they were ‘door gods’.

We made our way back to the cafe as our table was ready. 

Selling meat and fish unrefrigerated, sitting on a table! 
The A-Z cafe was like a little western haven. We ordered tuna croissant, which tastes far more amazing than it sounds, and a chocolate drink that actually tasted of chocolate! I was made. 

As it’s Chinese New Year we were also served oranges and red packets with a chocolate coin inside. 


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