Exploring Haikou

With Chinese New Years coming to an end, more shops and cafes are re-opening. It’s kinda like Christmas in the U.K. Where everything shuts down for a few days, except I haven’t seen any Year of the Rooster sales!
So Marian has been helping me learn a bit more about the island and the area. Most of it involves coffee shops as it’s expected of you to sit there for a good few hours, unlike most restaurants where you eat fast and get out!

I was taught to play Settlers of Catan while enjoying some green tea cakes, a bit odd, but most of the trying-to-be-sweet food in China is odd.

After playing until there was no more moves to make we wanted to try a new restaurant as Marian writes a guide book for Hainan. We attempted to eat in a place called Kung Fu Froggy until we realized it was overly expensive and only served frog. 

We ventured down ‘snack street’ which leads into a mall which was decorated with Christmas, Chinese New Year and a blow up transformer. 

We somehow ended up in the Banana Hostal which is also a hangout as they serve food and drinks. Met a few more foreigners and expanded my social circle slightly. Really liked the artwork they had on display.


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