Illness Abroad

There’s nothing worse than being ill, but being ill away from home seems to heighten all the things I miss back in the U.K.
I had to go to hospital, yes, hospital, because I have a bad cold! To get prescribed what is basically day and night nurse, which we can buy over the counter at home. 

They don’t have NHS here so first I had to pay for a card to sign in as a patient, and then I paid for my prescription. So not used to that! 

It all feels a bit dramatic going to hospital for a cold. At least I’m still fairly coherent even with my cold-muddled mind. But can you imagine if you were in horrific pain or been in an accident and there was no one there to pay for you or you were unable to pay for yourself? Apparently they would leave you there until you are able to pay. Seems cold. And makes me realize even more so how lucky we are to have the NHS back home! 
When you’re ill you just want to snuggle up in your comfy bed or sofa and get better. My bed here is not comfy, and it makes me miss home and family and being cwtched even more than usual.


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