Never let go Jack…never let go

So the Titanic theme is following us today. Having breakfast of dim sum in a building similar to a hangar, the theme from titanic playing whenever an order was ready.

Marian helped me post my gifts back home, apparently they will take about 6 weeks, so keep an eye out guys! 

I need some Dong (giggles to self) for Vietnam, the banks are closed on Saturday, and usually you have to wait about a week (depending on the currency) for them to order it in, plus the forms, passport approval and photocopies etc etc. 

Instead we visited some little old Chinese ladies who hang out outside the bank ready to change your RMB into anything. Obviously for not as good a rate as the bank, but they are far friendlier and I think they earn their commission sitting outside all weathers! 
So I now have Dong.  

So we’re now sitting in Kaweisi and the Titanic theme starts playing again! 


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