Lantern Festival

After stuffing our faces with Korean fried chicken (like southern fried chicken but slightly sweeter in my opinion) and having a cwtch with a giant teddy bear, we made our way to a village to check out the Lantern Festival.

Lantern festival and Flower festival is the last day of Chinese New Years, the streets are decorated with, well, lanterns, and people exchange roses. This tradition was meant to be a symbol of you actually fancying someone in your village, but now it’s just giving a rose to get one. 

Reminiscent of watching Santa switch the lights on in town ready for Christmas, people everywhere crowding into a tiny area to see the lights and lanterns.

Being the only foreigners at the event, we seemed to draw a crowd ourselves, to the point of us being interviewed for the news. 

This was pretty horrific for me, as I don’t actually like being videoed, (as you can probably tell from my forced ‘what the hell is happening right now’ smile) Marian was a pro! 

We came across the temple of fire and thunder, which had been all dressed up with neon lights and blasting out techno music.

One way to get the youth of today into a temple! 

We followed the crowd up to the main temple of the village Fudiyijhi where everyone was burning incense and candles. 

By this time we were pretty knackered after all the walking, interviews and selfies with random Chinese people. 

So a quiet walk home around the lake lead to this view.


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