Vietnam for Valentine’s

I’ve had more Valentine’s wishes on this Valentine’s Day than I’ve ever had when I was back home! 
The most important thing today is that I spend it with the person I love the most. Yes, me! 
I am taking myself on a trip to Vietnam to see what the score is there. Only drawback to not being in an English speaking country at the time of booking, I have nowhere to get a book out on the country and research. The internet just doesn’t cut it for me, so many websites, so many opinions. Call me old fashioned, I prefer when it’s all collated in a book! 
So I’ve done the best I can with the information given to me and even had tips off people who had been themselves (My favorite being that you can get a train to Cambodia). 
So I just booked the flight, booked my first two nights in a hostel and see what happens from there. 
On the flight I met a Canadian who is also traveling around Vietnam, so I’m not alone. 
One thing I always fork out for when traveling to try to avoid getting ripped off is an airport transfer to my hotel/hostel if it’s available. At least that way I know they aren’t going to take me on a unwanted tour of the city and rack up the costs! 
I’m already thinking about changing my return ticket…just get a good vibe from Vietnam.

So I’m staying in a hostel called ‘See you at Lily’s’ don’t know whether that’s supposed to mean something, I may get round to asking the staff…

Once I’d dumped my stuff in my room, it was about 2300, too early for bedtime in a foreign country where the bars are still open.
I didn’t have to go far before I found a bar, seemed to be some open mic/live music going on, but I’d rather sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere of just being here. 
Paid well over the odds for a beer-98p!! Now we see why these countries are so popular with the Brits! 


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