Boat Trip…the curse of Monkey Island

Early start after a fitful sleep in the cheap-as-chips hostel, a cockerel decided 1am was the best time to start crowing and set off the whole neighborhood of roosters!
Met Gary (the Scottish guy) outside his hotel where they were picking up for the boat trip. 
All aboard the boat and the scenery is like something out of a film…

The boat is full of travelers of all ages and all nationalities.

I just did the whole turn up and hope for the best thing today, so didn’t know what to expect or what to prepare. 

We came to our first stop where we were paired off into kayaks to make our way around and through the caves. I felt like I was on the set for Jurassic Park or something. 

Made it back to the boat without falling in! 

While our food was going down the boat took us to a place to swim.

The water was a lot colder than I expected! 

Drying off in the sun while the boat takes us to the Monkey Island.

Arrived at monkey island, the boat pulls up to shore and we had to walk down a tiny gangplank with a bamboo held by a boat hand as a banister.

There was a walk to the peak of the hill on the island, not prepared at all for any part of this trip, I made my ascent in flip flops. I did make it to the top, it was a lot of work. 

It was a scary walk, and I’ve walked plenty of cliffs in my time. 

With the added pressure of the fact that there was only one way up and the same way down, so you had to clamber past everyone who was trying to get up once you were on your way down.
Made it back out onto the sand!

Enjoyed a pop in the bar, before a monkey came to steal it! 


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