Chill out day

Well, what I expected to be a chill out day…Arranged to meet Chris the Canadian outside his hotel to go see Cannon Fort and then relax on the beach. 
Turns out Cannon Fort is a good walking distance, up a hill. 
Found some giant red ants on a wire.

Only halfway up and some incredible views.

We made it to the top, where all the remnants of the fort and cannons are. Reminded me of a sunny day on Mumbles Hill.

There was the obligatory bar at the top of the hill, which supplied some welcome shade and spectacular views.

Continued on the pathway taking us around the site. Taking us to rooms full of weird art work and scary manikins.

We left our marks in the visitors book.

Scary manikins everywhere.

Scary bunker. There were rooms inside that reminded me of horror films. Big, barren and eerie. Bad vibes here. 

Crazy artwork inside the ‘bar’.
After all this walking we went to find the beach, well, there are three to choose from. The Vietnamese very lazily named them ‘Cat Ba Co 1, Cat Ba Co 2 and Cat Ba Co 3.
We ended up on Cat Ba Co 2, even though we were trying to find 3! 

It was about 5 in the evening before we realized we hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so left the now shady beach for some local Pho and some fresh spring rolls. They were ok, having made these myself back home I feel I did a better job.

I’ve been dying for a massage or something since arriving in Vietnam, having burnt my shoulders on the boat trip yesterday, I wasn’t ready for anyone to touch them. But my feet were good for a rub down.

A soak in some refreshing hot lime water, then rubbed down by a Vietnamese man, who could speak Chinese.

My legs looked like She-Ra’s after he’d oiled me up! Was so good. I’d forgotten how much I love reflexology!


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