Cambodia, Siem Reap

Good Morning Cambodia! 

It’s warm here! And it’s still only spring! 

Wanted to find some fruit for breakfast before I passed out from hunger, found a mini market which didn’t sell fruit, but helped myself to a yogurt drink and some cashews. 

Got really confused when the cashier asked for dollars, then gave me change in Reil.
I thought I was heading back to my hostel, and got extremely lost! The sun is blazing down so I thought it best to duck into a cafe bar with wifi to find my way back. 
The bar I found was called Sinn Sisamouth Cafe, I ordered myself a fresh coconut and they informed me the power was down. That obviously included the wifi!

Got chatting to a British guy who lives here, he says it happens a lot! 
He gave me advice on the currency, where to buy fruit, the best places for food. All the kind of stuff a newbie in town needs! 
He also knew how to get back to my hostel, which was obviously handy! 
Electric came back on and I was able to download my map (you would think I would know to do this before leaving a hostel by now!) 

The guide book suggested to cover up in Cambodia, so I did. It’s hot and everyone else is wearing shorts, so I’m changing! 
I don’t usually hang around hostels, I’d rather actually go to cafes and meet people that way, but seeing as this hostel has a lovely seating area on the roof, it’s a good place to chill and attempt to plan what to do over the next few days.

Hanging at the hostel was short lived seeing as they close the area at 1400! A bit weird. But I’ve done what I needed to do sitting in the shade and can have a wander around now it’s a little cooler. (33 degrees cool!)

Passed a market on my way to finding a cafe.

And art shops.

I have a feeling this is a place I should have brought my sketchbook!

I read a positive review on the New Leaf Eatery, it does a mix of Cambodian (Khmer) and Western food, and supports the community.

Had a chick pea salad and a juice made from beetroot, carrot, ginger and mint.
This went down well, and I spent the afternoon sitting here switching between reading a novel, a guide book and researching random off-the-beaten-track things to do in Cambodia. I did find pony trekking which looked good, so emailed them. 

I noticed they had chocolate tart on the menu at this restaurant, seeing as I’ve been deprived for so long, I wanted to indulge!

It was pretty decent. 

By the time I left the cafe the sun had started to go down, my plan was to actually go have a shower and a nap then venture back out in the evening for dinner. 

I had been fiddling with my Couchsurfing and Backpackr app to see if there was anyone around, and a guy called Miles messages me saying he’s in the art market.

By this time I was back at the hostel and someone was in the shower. So my options were have a nap or go meet this new person.
So back out I went.

Miles is from the USA, but lives in the Philippines and is also traveling. His family have come to meet him here for a holiday. 

They very kindly invited me to dinner with them.
Later, Miles and I discovered Pub Street. That’s as original as it gets here in Cambodia! 

Not that tacky, just loud, and overpriced (but still cheaper than back home) we had a few drinks in the Banana Leaf, but there was live music and no escape from it. Then we found an ‘Irish’ pub. Which was showing the Ospreys on tv! 

Miles insisted we took a tuk tuk back to our relative hotels, even though my hostel is literally down a dirt track and the poor driver didn’t know where it was!

Early start tomorrow for the temples! 


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