Temple Run

I booked a tour to take me to the Angkor temples, pick up at a reasonable 8am, not so reasonable when you woke at 5am.
After much faffing about at the tour office, we were finally loaded into mini vans and taken to the temple ticket office.
One horrible photo later I have my day pass. 

Arrived at the temple, Angkor Wat, our guide gave us a brief history.

This wall carving represents a story of Hinduism using snake and mountain to churn the sea to dry it up to get holy water.

We were then taken to the hall of 1000 Buddha statues. Except there are now about 40 left and they are mainly missing heads and hands which makes them pretty creepy looking.

Swimming pool of the gods.

We were left to wander around a bit.

The tour said it would provide water, with the amount I drink I wasn’t going to rely on that. I’m glad I didn’t. 

We did stop in the shade for a drink, not included. An ice cold coconut was called for! 

We then moved onto the next temple.

The Tomb Raider temple.

A carving of a ‘dinosaur’.
Onto the temple with all the heads, Bayon.

Some Buddhist monks were visiting the temple.

 The tour guide took some funny photos of us with the faces.

Buddha with a rather disturbing make up job. 

Last stop, temple to watch the sunset.
And elephants.

This last temple is a 15 minute walk up a hill, then up some steep steps, onto the top. 

That was me done for the day! 
Waited about 3 hours to watch the sun go down. Can’t say it was really that impressive. Glad I’ve done it.

Real treat was when I walked back down the hill, the elephant was still there and the tour guide took pictures of me with her! 

Made my day.
Was a really good tour group, everyone chatted with one another and took a shine to the solo female traveler. With most of them encouraging me to keep traveling as long as I can! 
Don’t mind if I do!
Finally made it back to the hostel completely cream crackered, went in the shower with my clothes on seeing as they needed washing too!
Once I’d freshened up, went across the road to have some food, ordered a Khmer curry. Honestly, the best meal I’ve had since being in Asia! 

Sooo good!
Now I’ve refueled, time to have a look into where I want to go once my time in Siem is over…


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